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Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to make good diet for rheumatisms;

The recommended diets for rheumatism;

What are the dietary rules for rheumatism?

Rheumatics should take care about the diets they consume, see recommended foods.
1.    Make simple meals, without too many different dishes at the same meal, while avoiding the monotony food. 
2.    Do not make more than three meals per day.  
3.    The evening meal should be light, and also by avoiding snacking between meals and overeating.


1.    Eat soberly, in a peaceful climate, chewing carefully and slowly. 
2.    If you do not get too hungry or if it is heart in the cold skin, and then if there are digestive disorders, skip rather a meal until the return of appetite.


1.    Take fruits in the morning and before meals, anyway particularly in the half hour before meals.
2.    No fruits or sweet dessert at the end of meals.
3.    Avoid fruit juices during the meal.


1.    Take raw vegetables and salads.
2.    To follow fruits before coming cooked foods.


1.    It is to drink as little as possible while eating. 
2.    Avoid very cold drinks or ice drinks and those too hot drinks as they are stressful to the liver.
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