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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

To regain the form;

What are the negative emotions? 

What are the causes of diseases?

How to regain the good form?

The intoxicated organisms, man does not get sick suddenly, but after accumulation of harmful substances or toxins from various sources.   
1.    The causes of diseases accumulate before manifesting their effects. 
2.    Understanding the causes of the disease is a half of healing. 
3.    This is by removing the causes of disease, not only their effects that heal. 
4.    The disease is like the red indicator lights on the dashboard of a car in case of threat of failure.
5.    The alarm is a disorder of the body and the evidence of the effort signal to repair it. 
6.    Do not believe that removing only the red light the true cause of the fault is removed.

The bad form

1.    Bad form occurs in many different ways such as chronic fatigue, lack of spring, having low morale, digestive difficulties, arthritis, susceptibility to disease, etc. in many cases the cause is the poisoning of the body. 
2.    Intoxication in question is not that of drugs or alcohol. 
3.    It comes generally from the accumulation of harmful substances in the blood, toxins from various sources; they clog and overload the body, causing the manifestations of bad form of the disease.   

Intoxicating substances of the body

There are many different factors that contribute to the intoxication of the organism, such as:
1.    Dietary errors or bad food foods and beverages.
2.    Stimulants or overeating.
3.    Certain shortcomings and negative emotions.

Food errors

1.    Dietary errors can bring a true intoxication of the organism, such as overeating, or an excess food, and too frequent eating. 
2.    Thus a diet high in meat, fish, milk, beans, eggs, fats and oils, a monotonous diet that is too rich in sugar, tubers or excessively refined and depleted of vitamins and minerals. 
3.    To consuming poor quality foods, or deprived vital elements by overcooking, like fries with refined oils, canned food, reheating food, foods with poor conditions, like cooking in excess water for too long time, or in aluminum utensils. 
4.    Lack mastication and insufficient insalivations, these kinds of foods push to drink a lot while eating, causing painful digestions and overload the kidneys.


1.    Excitations destroy the balance of the body. 
2.    These are exciting as coffee, tea, cocoa, and tobacco, the inspiration of air impregnated of tobacco smoke harms as direct smoking harms, and also alcohol, drugs, synthetic vitamins.
3.    Chemical based drinks containing phosphoric acid, dyes, and chemical preservatives. 
4.    The abuse of swallowed drugs or injected directly into the bloodstream, such as painkillers, sleeping pills, tonics, laxatives and purgatives.

Excess food:

1.    Excesses of all kinds are harmful to health, such as overwork, table and fun, brain overwork due most often to the dispersion, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting or standing.
2.    Laziness, excessive sleep, nocturnal activities repeated as cinema, exciting readings, dance, games, late eves, etc…. 
3.    Sexual excesses. 
4.    Fatigue, physical depression not followed by recovery.

Some shortcomings

1.    Undermine the body including the lack of sleep, rest, relaxation causes a deficiency in calcium and phosphorus, weakens memory, demineralizes and poisons organisms, the body becomes unable to replenish its reserves.   
2.    Respiratory failure and lack of physical exercise decrease vitality.

Negative emotions

1.    Sound annoyingly on glandular functions, especially anger, fear, anxiety, anguish, precipitation, brutality, violence, wickedness, slander, envy, jealousy, hatred, rudeness.
2.    Psychological or psychosomatic illnesses are related to uprooting of modern man, his troubled life which dissipates his nervous energy, loneliness, lack of lasting affection, the strained relations with relatives, the weight of the past not assumed, the guilt or frustration, refusal to forgive insults or accept the forgiveness of others.

To regain the good form

It is to take into account the factors that contribute to poisoning the body, such as dietary errors, stimulants, overeating, certain shortcomings or insufficient in-salivation and negative emotions as mentioned above.
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