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Monday, June 4, 2012

Four spheres of earth or geospheres;

Most life is found from the 3 meters bellow the ground to 30 meters above it;

 What is the component of the earth?

What are the spheres of the earth?

The area near the surface of the earth can be divided up to four interconnected geospheres, which are Biosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere. The life and material can exist only in one of these four spheres. 

The Biosphere

The biosphere or the zone of life is a part of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere that contains the whole terrestrial ecosystem, it is the sum of all the living plants, animals, bacterium, fungi and even one single organism are all belong to the biosphere. From the smallest to the largest living being creatures. Biosphere extends over the Earth’s surface in a thin layer, from few kilometers into the atmosphere, in very cold to very hot environments, and to the depth of the oceans and seas, where all of the Earth’s organisms can live, as every thing depends on each other.

The limitation of biosphere

The limit of biosphere is not remarkable, but it is to be considered from about 6 km above the sea level, or within several kilometers in the atmosphere, and at least 3 kilometers bellow ground, or the depth of several kilometers. Note that most of the planet’s life is found from the three meters bellow the ground to thirty meters above it, and in top 200 meters of the oceans and seas.

The Lithosphere

The lithosphere is the solid, rocky crust covering the entire planet. This crust is composed of minerals and is inorganic matter. It includes the whole surface from the top of the highest to the lowest place in the Earth. 

The Hydrosphere

The hydrosphere is composed of all the water on or near the surface of Earth. This includes oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, under ground water, and even the moisture in the air. The oceans represent 97 percent of the Earth’s water, whereas 3 percent is fresh water, and three quarter of the fresh water is in solid form, and exists in ice sheets, see how water cycling.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is the air or the mixed gases that surround the Earth. Most of the atmosphere is located close to the surface of the earth where it is most dense. The air of planet is nearly 78 percent of nitrogen, 21 percent of oxygen and 1 percent of other gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.
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