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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Effective treatment to stop mass exodus;

How to prevent immigration to Western countries; Immigrants logo either to reach a western country or to be a bait of fish;

The World without Borders;

Gog-Magog Dam;

The Agog dam was built to prevent Gog Magog raids from north to west. They were said to be Berber tribal tribes from the north-eastern plains, which flowed into western and southern countries and swept away all that lay before them.
Mass migrations nowadays from the south and east to the north and west are similar to those of the Gog-Gog tribes.

The motto of immigrants is: 

Either to reach a western country or to be a bait of fish, it is a suicide, unfortunately, someone who is ready to die cannot be stopped. Europeans meet day and night to find solutions that prevent migrants from reaching their countries. One of the proposal solutions may be the construction of a dam, such as the Gog Magog dam, to prevent invasions and south-eastern conquests.
Muammar Gaddafi was an insurmountable barrier to these migrations, but the Europeans betrayed him as an ambition for money and economic gain, so they are now facing what Gaddafi warned them, thus it is to say that magic has turned on the magician.

The World without Borders:

The social media and the Internet have made the world one village where everyone knows what is there on the other side, the disadvantages of the poverty, injustice, murder and destruction in many countries, especially third world countries, all made life unbearable, and staying in such terrible situations is worthless.
These stifling situations are not due to lack of natural resources in developing countries, but the main reason is the corrupt rulers who bring the country's goods and put them in banks outside the country.
The Europeans have enabled corrupt rulers to rule the Third World and exploit goods in these countries, so they are the primary responsibility for the backwardness of these countries. Some countries have abundant resources but unable to protect their natural resources and thus come to them groups and individuals from every direction to loot their resources.

Effective treatment to stop mass exodus:

In order to stop the mass exodus, the Europeans (who are currently discussing and disputing immigration issues) ought to stop supporting the dictator and corruptor rulers in third world countries, who impoverished their people; and are not fit to govern any country.
Secondly, if effective democracies cannot be imposed in these countries, the Europeans must devote a large part of the assistance they provide to the countries of immigration to receive, stay and educate the migrants in a few months and then repatriate them back to original countries with joint ventures financed projects.
Among the projects suitable for the partnership are the representation and promotion of the goods of the country from which migrants returned, as well as the reclamation of agricultural and pastoral lands in upstream countries, in this way, the two sides benefited from each other, see the fate of the Palestinian cause.
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