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Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Spy On Your Competitors Backlinks and Steal Them?

How to Steal Backlinks by Spying Your Competitors Backlinks? 

How to Steal Backlinks? 

  • Introduction
·         In this blog post, I will be showing you the method I use to spy on my competitors backlinks, so that I can steal their backlinks.
·         To do this method, I use a free tool: Traffic Travis.  
·         I suggest that you download Traffic Travis before you continue reading this blog post, so that you can follow along with my instructions. It is a free download with no catches! 
·         This method uses Traffic Travis V4. If you have an earlier version, then I recommend that you download the new version.
  • Paragraph: Why Are My Competitors Ranking Better than me In Google?
·         The reason competitors rank above you in Google could be for two reasons. Firstly, it could be that their onsite SEO is better than yours.
·         This means that they have optimized their website better for your chosen keywords.
·         To perfect your onsite SEO, use Traffic Travis to identify any SEO errors and fix them. 
·         The other reason that your competitors could be outranking you is because they have better backlinks than you.
·         The way to fix this is to find the backlinks that they have, and to get them yourself.
  • Paragraph: How to Use Traffic Travis to Spy On Your competitors Backlinks
·         Before you can steal your competitor’s backlinks, you need to identify who is linking to them. For that, I use the Traffic Travis Backlinks tool.
·         Get started by opening Traffic Travis.
·         Next, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.
·         After this, click on 'Backlinks' in the submenu right below the SEO tab.
·         In the ‘Pages to Analyze‘text box, type in the root domain of the competitors website that you would like to spy on. Then click 'ANALYZE.'
·         Traffic Travis will now show you all of the links pointing to it.
  • Paragraph: How to Steal Your competitors Backlinks
·         Take the backlinks that Traffic Travis has found and click on ‘Page Rank. ‘This will order the links in order of Page Rank.
·         The reason we are ordering the links in order of Page Rank, is because you should prioritize taking the high PR links first as that will have the greatest benefit for your website and SEO ranking.
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 How to Steal Backlinks;

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