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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Find High PR Guest Blog Posts for Relevant Posts

Relevant Guest Blogging for High PR Guest Blog 

Relevant Guest Blogging

  • Introduction
·         In today's blog post, I will be sharing with you my technique for finding high PR guest blog posts on websites that are relevant to my niche.
·         The free tool that I use for this is Traffic Travis.
·         Before you continue reading my blog post, I suggest you download Tratlic Travis so that you can follow along. It is free to download and it has no catches! here in Find High PR Guest Post
·         Please note: this trick uses Trallic Travis V4. If you are using an earlier version, download the new version.
  • Paragraph: How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Relevant High PR Guest Blog Posts
·         First, open up Tratlic Travis.
·         Next, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.
·         Next, click on the ‘Link Finder‘ tab on the submenu which is located directly below
         the ‘SEO’ tab button.
·         Click on ‘Advanced Settings. ‘
·         Untick all link types except for ‘Guest Posts.‘ Make sure the ‘Display Only’ options are unticked, and leave the location option blank.
·         Next, in the ‘Keywords’ box, type a keyword that is relevant to your blog. For example, Enlightenment Gateway is a self-improvernent blog, so a relevant keyword to type in here would be ‘self improvement.’ After you have done this, click ‘FETCH.’
·         Once the results have been generated for you, click on ‘Page Rank’ to organize the results from highest PR to lowest PR.
  • Paragraph: Tips for Getting Your Article Accepted
·         While Trallic Travis will find you blogs that accept Guest Blog Posts, it will not get you accepted for their blog: you have to email them and ask for a guest blog post position.
·         TIP: Instead of using their ‘contact us’ box, put their website domain into whois and see if there is an email address attached to the domain. Email your request to that address instead.
·         Come up with a creative topic that their readership would find interesting.
·         If they ask you to attach a blog post to your application, include pictures so that your submission stands out.
·         Offer them a reciprocal guest blog post position on another website you own, see also Find Easy Keywords.
Post A Relevant Guest Blogging
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