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Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Find Easy Keywords and how their competitive is;

How Competitive a Keyword is and How Easy Keywords is?  

How Competitive a Keyword is;

  • Introduction
·         In this blog post I am going to show you how I personally find easy keywords, and show you how I personally work out how competitive a keyword is in Google.
·         If you focus on easy keywords, then your website will rank faster in Google and you will get Google traffic faster.
·         To use my method, you need to download Traffic Travis. It is free with no catches. If you download it now, you can follow along with my instructions: Easy keywords,   
·         I use Traffic Travis V4. If you have an earlier version, I recommend that you download the latest version.
  • Paragraph: How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Easy Keywords
·         First, open up Traffic Travis.
·         Next, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.
·         After this, click on the 'Competition' link in the submenu underneath the SEO tab.
·         In the ‘Keywords’ text box, type in the keyword you want to check Select which search engine you want to analyze, and finally click ‘FETCH.’
·         Traffic Travis will automatically analyze whether a keyword’s difficult is easy, medium or difficult. It automatically works out how competitive a keyword is.
·         Repeat this process for as many keywords as you like, identifying which keywords.
  • Paragraph: Should I Go After Difficult Keywords?
·         Sometimes it can be tempting to go after a difficult keyword because it might get a lot of searches, or it might be very valuable.
·         The problem with going after difficult keywords is it is very hard to rank for them.
·         I would only suggest going after medium or difficult keywords if you have a lot of experience in SEO and building links.
·         If you don't have a lot of experience, I suggest going after easy keywords.
·         Medium-difficult keywords require a lot of work. You will probably be investing more money into ranking for it than you will in how much money you make back.
·         You will rank faster for easier keywords, and you will make money faster.
  • Paragraph: How can I Make Money from Easy Keywords?
·         You can create a Google Adsense website - You should only focus on easy keywords for these websites, and see also: Spy On Gompetitors Backlinks, and Find High PR.
How Competitive a Keyword is
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